Your guide to 2024 engagement ring trends

With 2023 very much behind us, what are the ring styles, designs, and carat weights that will be captivating soon-to-be fiancés this year?

Because if you’re preparing to say “I do”, it’s entirely natural to be uncertain about choosing a ring. Your eyes are pulled to dazzling diamonds in all their styles and shapes—and part of you might feel anxious about deciding on something you’ll later change your mind later on.

So to help you with that: below, we’ll walk you through the engagement ring trends in 2024 being London-based jewellers. Not just to guide you through popular choices, but to show you winning trends that have either stood the test of time or have newly impressed couples.

But first, what was trending in 2023?

Amongst last year's endless choices for engagement rings, what’s surfaced yet again is the classic Solitaire setting. But this timeless style has been the choice of celebrities like Molly Mae, Hailey Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian for a reason.



They’re simple yet sophisticated, and exude effortless elegance with the focus being put on a central stone. Little spoiler aside (solitaire setting remains a strong favourite in 2024 too), other popular trends last year were Toi et Moi and East-to-West settings.




Trend #1: Yellow gold bands

For this year again, the timeless yellow gold engagement ring returns as a popular favourite. Gold bands have always been a central ring choice for soon-to-be-weds. But while demand for rose gold and mixed metals did see a rise over the past years, the highlight of this year will be yellow gold.


As a stalwart gold, yellow gold is extremely vintage, looks stunning on all skin tones, and is versatile for any kind of aesthetic. There’s certainly something about its tradition that’s both alluring and eternal—an easy top choice for an engagement ring.


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What to get: with requests for Solitaire settings peaking, this 1.50ct Oval Hidden Halo Solitaire with an 18kt yellow gold band has been a strong favourite. The lab grown diamond is a gorgeous oval cut that’s set in a platinum head, with a luxurious yellow gold band timelessly complementing it.




Trend #2: Minimalist and simple

While past years have had rises and falls of heavy engagement rings that were certainly designed to make a big statement, last year and this year testify to the endurance of modern, minimalist designs.  


Soon-to-be-engaged women have been showing very clear preferences towards simple, clean designs that are rather understated—letting the pure beauty of the central diamond do the dazzling on its own. If you’re especially mindful about choosing a ring that stands the test of time, a minimal aesthetic would be a guiding choice.


Trend 2

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What to get: because simple never has to mean ‘plain’, this 1.25ct oval cut cathedral setting is a stunning example of pure elegance. A 1.25 ct lab grown diamond is centred in a cathedral setting along a beautiful east-to-west band.




Trend #3: Lab grown diamonds

An unmissable engagement ring trend this 2024 is that even more customers will be choosing lab grown diamonds instead of mined diamonds. As shoppers become mindful of sustainability and ethical sourcing, lab grown diamonds are increasingly becoming the preferred choice.  


They are physically the same as natural diamonds, both in their look and chemical properties—while just costing a fraction. And if you’re on the search for a perfect engagement ring that doesn’t fund the maltreatment of miners, opting for a lab grown diamond is a very clear decision.  


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What to get: We offer a large collection of lab grown diamonds at Layla Diamonds, nodding to our ethos of ethics, sustainability, and affordability. Shop our engagement ring collection to find the perfect piece for your love story.




Trend #4: Elongated stones

If you’re one to stay on trend but with a spin of unique: elongated cushion cuts, ovals, radiants, and marquise might be the one for you. Apart from the intrinsic feminine charm of elongated diamonds, this is a flattering diamond cut for fiances to wear because of how slender it makes fingers look.





But its shape is very practically useful too. Because of its elongation, the carat weight can be maximised across a smaller area—lowering its cost without losing any elegance.


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What to get: still our most popular engagement ring design, the 1.7ct marquise hidden halo will bring elegance to each of your future moments—paired with an east-to-west band that brings it to a diamond total of 2.10ct.




Trend #5: Coloured diamonds

A trend that saw a lift in 2023 but is expected to rise this year, is the choice of coloured diamond engagement rings. While a clear diamond will always be a classic, to-be fiancés are exploring colours from champagne to blues and yellows—an eye-catching mark of their personal style and individuality.







What will be your choice of ring this year?

With this guide, we hope to have made the burden (and exhilaration!) and choosing your engagement ring a little easier. For a piece of jewellery that may be the most meaningful thing you own, the sentiment it carries will always transcend any form. But for a ring that you adore forever, you’ll never go astray with the minimal, the elegant, and the classic.