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With direct access to the world’s diamond markets, for both lab grown diamonds and ethically mined ones, we inspect over 100,000 stones to ensure a perfection of cut, clarity, and immaculate brilliance and sparkle.Finding true carat size and weight is our obsession, because we know that’s how to impart to you the most value for a treasure you intend on keeping for a lifetime.

With no physical store that carries excessive costs which pass onto customers, we sell our diamonds directly at the best possible price. Tell us what rings you’ve been bookmarking, and we’ll design your aspirational piece within your budget, for your most momentous occasion.


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At Layla Diamonds, we pride ourselves on taking great care to only use ethically sourced diamonds and we are able to offer fair trade gold on all our designs. . With over 100,000 plus diamonds to choose from, we hand pick and inspect each diamond to ensure the color, clarity and cut in particular are of optimum quality and are up to grade.

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We have several designs in all metal types on our website you can choose from. We also offer a bespoke jewellery design service in a comfortable and private environment where we can assist you in visualising your personalised designs before transforming then into reality, by providing you with fully rendered 3D CAD designs. No design is too complicated and any design with our expertise can be brought to life. Let us help you to bring your ideas to life.

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